Sound production for new media

The success of an immersive audiovisual content relies on relevant writing, adapted to the project, and accompanied by a high-quality sound experience. It is the sound production skills for space and mastery of 3D sound technology and its various production stages that ensure the success of your project.

Our company caters to directors, production managers, artistic directors of audiovisual projects, event and communication agency professionals, authors, music composers, architects, and anyone associated with an immersive experience who wishes to be supported in sound production.

Among the services offered are sound production of the content, its capture, post-production, and distribution. Applications vary from VR, music, sound design, scenography, film, sound book, theater or radio... Sound formats are variable, from 3D sound for headphones (binaural sound), static or dynamic as proposed by VR, or sound broadcasted on a speaker device such as Dolby Atmos for film, music, and many other multichannel, ambisonic or object-based formats.

"Very early on, I was convinced that the future of audio lay in spatialization for many applications that are now being revealed. That is why, as a passionate and committed sound engineer/artistic director on this subject, I have developed a range of services that, through its quality, will ensure the success of your project."

Music Mixing into Dolby Atmos 9.1.4 / Studio Faune (Rennes)
Files delivered into HD 96 kHz .atmos + ADM 48kHz, contact us for any request regarding Atmos mixing rates

Artists Streaming Atmos Music (Harmonia Mundi, Warner Classics, Alpha) : Les Siècles, Baptiste Trotignon, Paul Lewis, Thomas Dunford, Théotime Langlois de Swarte, Renaud Capuçon, Alexandre Tharaud, Brigitte Engerer, Nikolaus Harnoncourt, Trio Wanderer, Akademie für Alte Musik Berlin, Simon Rattle, Antonio Pappano, Alain Lefèvre, Shani 
Diluka, Daniel Hope

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Our Approach

Each project is approached by taking the time to discuss with the client about the opportunities for the space in order to properly consider the constraints and install the best conditions for production. Spatialization technologies are integrated into our practices, but they are constantly being questioned to constantly evolve towards new, more qualitative solutions. The world of VR is an example: the encoding of the scene into an ambisonic sound field and the implementation of a binaural audio engine in software like Unity are still in development. That's why each project is archived so that it can be updated as technology improves. We have a perfect format for this, ADM, which allows us to keep all the mixing information intact thanks to objects that make up the sound scene. We are now in a time where digital technology has finally reached the level of our ambitions, which are to envision space and restore our content's true value.

Our strengths

Our production studios located in Rennes are adaptable to your project, around VR, binaural sound, 5.1, Dolby Atmos 9.1.4 or specific formats for museum installations. We work in partnership with other structures and are surrounded by R&D experts for application development. We use the latest sound creation, spatialization and diffusion solutions, and also develop some tools to explore the most creative and qualitative ideas. We use Schoeps, DPA, Neumann-type microphones adapted for sound shooting, VR and music... and Prosodia audio coaxial speakers. The essential DAW Reaper for spatialization work allows us to confidently approach our 64 channels of distribution in space natively and to configure an efficient workflow in editing, mixing and rendering tasks. Finally, we use the Merging Technologies Pyramix DAW as well as its high-quality audio interfaces for audiovisual capture, mastering and monitoring.

3D sound Studio

An immersive studio well designed to fit the project format, with creation and spatialization tools


Experience and practice with different types of audio content such as VR, music, animations, exhibitions, scenography, etc.


Expertise in sound design and technique

Sound design

Sound design based on a custom-made library of 'home-made' ambiences, handmade sound effects and music designed for the space

A network of expertise

Surrounded by experts in sound design, music composition, scripting, R&D tool development, Unity integration, and diffusion


Our values: creativity, quality, efficiency, customer satisfaction

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